Meet the team

Rebecca Hill

Acting Executive Director

Rebecca Hill is a versatile teacher with specialties in writing, literature, and higher education preparation. She has fourteen years of experience teaching one-on-one and in high school and college classroom settings, including at UCLA, California State University, New York University-Abu Dhabi, and Southern Connecticut State University, and has developed humanities and organizational coaching curriculum for schools and non-profit organizations. She has teaching certifications in secondary education, college composition, and completed masters and doctoral degrees in English literature.

Lee Elberson


Lee Elberson was born and raised in southern Louisiana. He joined the Marines at age 17 in an effort to establish discipline. He used his newfound discipline to study physics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He did graduate work in atomic physics at the University of Maryland, attempting to shape molecules using custom lasers. He did his PhD research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, working on relativistic electron transport in a laser-induced plasma (using big lasers to make small stars). Needless to say, Lee has a love for all things quantifiable. He is an energetic person with a passion for education, and he enjoys coaching young adults as they achieve their goals. When not working, you will find him volunteering with Community Investment Collaborative, a local non-profit where he helps entrepreneurs develop the tools to found and maintain successful businesses. Around town, you might see Lee at networking events, pitching a new business idea, or helping small businesses For fun, he enjoys playing squash, tinkering with tech projects, playing board games, or creating intricate spreadsheets.

Clay Daniel

Board Member

Clay Daniel is a graduate of Harvard University and Dallas Theological Seminary. After five years as a campus minister working with Yale students, he returned to education in 2008. He founded Clayborne Test Prep & Tutoring in 2009 because he saw the promise of a powerful recipe: one part one-to-one test preparation; one part flexible program; one part responsive team of highly trained tutors. Also, he just really loves these tests; it’s like Christmas every time a new one is released. He also loves coaching students as they realize their dreams. In his free time, Clay enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, playing and watching sports, and playing Scrabble, for which he has a national ranking (translation: he has spent way too much time playing Scrabble).

Scott Webster

Board Member

Scott Webster is a native son of Charlottesville, who completed his undergraduate studies at UVA, earning a bachelors degree in history. Growing up in local public schools, he flourished with opportunities afforded him by “gifted” programs and superior teachers. His work with under-resourced youth in Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries (CALM) alerted him to the disparity between his and his students’ educational experience. He studied race dynamics and specialized in African history with a focus on race relations and youth culture in apartheid-era South Africa and in Harlem, New York. Building on his studies, he continued to work with youth even as he pursued a career as a software quality analyst. Finding IT less than challenging, he took a leap of faith, pursued his true passion for teaching, and joined the Clayborne team in 2012. In his free time, Scott enjoys reading classics and biographies, fumbling around the squash court, planning out his garden, and going on grand adventures with his wife and adorable little girls.

Valerie Gregory

Board Member

Valerie Gregory is an associate dean of undergraduate admission at the University of Virginia, often takes road trips across the commonwealth and the country, traveling as far as California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and Connecticut and meeting with thousands of potential students of color and their families, and those from first-generation and low-income families. For almost 20 years, Gregory has dedicated not only her workdays, but also many nights and weekends to recruiting talented students to the University of Virginia – and to staying in touch with them once they are here.

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